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NASA Has A Possible Impulse Engine, Not A Warp Drive

The internet has gotten itself into a tizzy lately with headlines like “Has NASA Accidentally Invented The Warp Drive?” Let’s stop with the sensational headlines saying NASA has discovering Warp Drive. If you insist on a Star Trek reference, what NASA has been testing looks a lot more like an impulse engine.

NASA LEGO Imagine and Build Contest

And now for a bit of inspiration: NASA and LEGO have launched an Imagine and Build contest, with one of the prizes being the just approved Lego Curiosity Rover set! The Curiosity Rover came to life through LEGO’s CUUSOO site, garnering enough votes to be considered for production as an official …

The Politics of Preventable Disasters

By now everyone has heard about, and probably actually heard the meteor that impacted Russia the morning of Feb 15th. It might bring to mind a certain Bruce Willis movie, or thoughts of the Tunguska event. Or, for @BadAstronomer, #omgweareallgoingtodie!