New Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ5 Mount

Sky-Watcher recently introduced the AZ-EQ5 Mount that has generated a lot of interest for it’s low price and very small stated periodic error of only ±5 arc seconds. That’s a native periodic error you would expect to find in a class of mounts more than double the AZ-EQ5’s size and price.

New Refractors coming from Astro-Tech

Astronomics sent an email to customers earlier today announcing a new line of Refractor telescopes coming in about 90 days time (view the email here). This is exciting because Astro-tech refractors (recent experiences with the AT65EDQ aside) have a very solid reputation for quality and value. Three new scopes were …

NASA Has A Possible Impulse Engine, Not A Warp Drive

The internet has gotten itself into a tizzy lately with headlines like “Has NASA Accidentally Invented The Warp Drive?” Let’s stop with the sensational headlines saying NASA has discovering Warp Drive. If you insist on a Star Trek reference, what NASA has been testing looks a lot more like an impulse engine.

Astronomy Outreach at Comic and Sci-Fi Conventions

I’ve been attending comic and sci-fi conventions for a few years, actually since before I got deep into astronomy. It occurred to me last year (2013) at ECCC that there would be a large overlap of the convention attendees that would be interested in Astronomy. NASA actually had a large …