The Politics of Preventable Disasters

By now everyone has heard about, and probably actually heard the meteor that impacted Russia the morning of Feb 15th. It might bring to mind a certain Bruce Willis movie, or thoughts of the Tunguska event. Or, for @BadAstronomer, #omgweareallgoingtodie!

Jupiter and Moons

Jupiter and moons. Captured from Seattle during a break in the clouds on Feb 1, 2013 with a Celestron C6 SGT, 2.5x barlow, and Canon T3i. Combination of 1/20th and 1/2 second exposures stacked and combined.  

Asteroid Flyby: 2012 DA14

Wrong location or cloudy skies? Catch asteroid 2012 DA14 on the NASA webcast Feb 15 @ 11:AM PST On February 15th, a 50 meter asteroid designated 2012 DA14 will pass by the earth at a distance of about 17,200 miles.

Crescent Moon

This photo of the moon was captured on Jan 16, 2013 using a Canon T3i and a Celestron C6 telescope. Using the telescope in prime focus effectively just turns the telescope into a 6″ 1500mm lens for the camera. This allowed me to capture the sharp details in the sunny …

Astronomy in the City

At the end of last year, I bought a telescope and started taking pictures through it, some of which I shared via Facebook. It sparked interest from friends, and a few people wanted to know how I got those pictures. I realized that even amateur astrophotography is something people can …