Do you need an Astro-Modified Camera?

Canon offered astro-modified versions of a couple of their cameras in years past, the 20Da and 60Da.  Nikon in 2015 introduced the D810a, and now Canon is rumored to be making their return to the Astro camera market. These astro cameras are essentially the standard camera model with a modified IR filter that allowed more of the H-alpha light common in many nebula through to the sensor. Continue reading

2017 Telescope Buyers Guide

Welcome to the 2017 Telescope Gift Guide!

This article is an updated version of one we published last year as a collaboration between Jon Groubert with his Light Polluted Astronomy blog and Sorin (aka the Soggy Astronomer). Jon has been an active contributor answering reader questions for quite a while here on Soggy Astronomer, particularly with suggestions on good telescopes to get started with, so we decided to collaborate to bring you this gift guide.
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New Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ5 Mount

Skywatcher AZ-EQ5Sky-Watcher recently introduced the AZ-EQ5 Mount that has generated a lot of interest for it’s low price and very small stated periodic error of only ±5 arc seconds. That’s a native periodic error you would expect to find in a class of mounts more than double the AZ-EQ5’s size and price. Continue reading

New Refractors coming from Astro-Tech

Astronomics sent an email to customers earlier today announcing a new line of Refractor telescopes coming in about 90 days time (view the email here). This is exciting because Astro-tech refractors (recent experiences with the AT65EDQ aside) have a very solid reputation for quality and value.

Three new scopes were announced, at very competitive pricing:

The email also mentions a new 0.8x field flattener/reducer for these scopes, priced between $125-$149, which would also represent very good value.

Note: Astro-Tech is Astronomics store brand. Astro-Tech products, like many brands, are sourced from various OEMs, so similar telescopes will often show up under different names, often with slightly different accessories. As pure speculation on my part, it appears that these new telescopes may be sourced from United Optics.

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